steve by the sea

Interview with Steve Roggenbuck

steve by the sea

1. In 2012 you were pretty heavily into the travelling/touring lifestyle. Where are you right now and how many different places have you already visited in 2013? Are you ‘settling down’ for a while, relative to your busy 2012 touring schedule?

A: i recently got a studio apatment in chicago for a ~5 month lease. not settling down overall, just tryin to have more of a home in between the tours. it’s hard not having a home, not having IRL friends who stay the same over time, u know.. ive been visiting a similar number of cities as last year, i’m just popping in and out quicker, then goin back home to live inbetween tour’s. all the tour dates get updated on

2. I read a lot of talk online about what happened with the ‘most positive night in the world’ event that was apparently meant to feature lil b, queen latifa, and riff raff. The failure of those people to ‘turn up’ or even be involved at all seemed to upset a few people. Is there anything you would like to say about your involvement in that and how you feel about it now, almost a month later?

A: i think it was a playful and awesome idea that kind of flopped. its a shame that people’s disapointment about the ‘celebs’ took the focus off snck pck’s amazing set, for example, or hunter payne’s pictionary. the people who got upset about the donation issue was the craziest thing, tho. nobody on that comment thread saying “i wanna know where the donations went,” none of those people donated. only 3 people donated, for a total of $66.66, and $50 of that came from John Demmitt, who loved the show and texted me saying so. there is so much stigma attached to artists making money, its riduclous.. i have a lot of strong feelings about this, but im struggling to get it in words.. im going to be involved in the launch of a startup soon that i hope wil help change the culture around how artists are financially supported, i think its something that needs to change if more people are gona find a way to do what they love full-time

3. The [Alt lit] community has grown a lot in the last year in that there seem to be more and more people involved in it. Do you think that, as one of the more widely known writers/poets associated with the term, you have maybe transcended the audience you had in mid 2012 and now are reaching a different group of people?

A: i am defintely reaching more people outside of the imediate community, and i’d even say that i’ve come to feel mostly out of touch with the immediate community that existed in 2012. its been a weird thing to adjust to. some of that i regret, and i’m trying to establish a close inner community again by doing livestreams more. but i’m finding that its a diferent community forming now than last year. because the newer people are less aware of the “alt lit” comunity as a whole, i think it’s helping to keep the focus on the positive/spiritual message in my work, and i really like that. i want to boost people and help them feel alive.. i dont want ppl to get too involved asking like, “what is alt lit? am i alt lit? can i write about this for a magazine?” thats all just noise.. life is hard for people, i want to make people feel better. thats the point for me. comunity can be part of that, but idk, it has to be the right comunity

4. How do you think you have changed in the last year where the internet poetry/alt lit community and your relationship with/feelings toward that are concerned?

A: last summer i felt excited to like “play with” the idea of alt lit, like embrace it playfuly, just because i know people have loaded opinions about it. i get amused with that, i get amused by being the target of hyperbolic criticism haha, and staying strong and confident in that position.. thats one thing i like about Lil B, u know. thousands of people shouting that hes a dumbass, but he just keeps swaggin out, thats very inspiring. but idk, the drug culture associated with the alt lit community has especially turned me away from the term. the new years eve show in nyc, “IRL FEST,” was like.. lots of drugs and alcohol, it wasnt an environment that i want to be using my energy to promote, mainly because of how young my audience is.. im concerned with being a positive role model, i want to bring young people into community and culture that will boost them and have a positive impact on their life. im asociating less with “alt lit” branded things lately, more jus building around my own work, and other artists who are overtly positive, or vegan / drug-free / other things i suport to the core

5. I loved and still do love crunk juice. Do you have any plans to release another poetry book in print? alternately, do you have any other written projects in the works?

A: thank u lee  my next book is comeing out june 25th!! its called, “if u dont love the moon, your an ass hole.” i think its gona be similar page count as crunk juice, but more words per page, yet smaller physical dimensions.. i want to rly give people value, i want it to only cost $10 but have more text than crunk juice (which was $15). also, im tryin to get the spirtual message up front a little more, to get people into a mindset of apreciating life and doing what make’s them feel alive.. more interwoven humor/positivity like in my videos. also there will be a lot of stuf from my traveling in 2012, in a sense this book will be a “culmination” of that adventure!

6. What have been your 3 favourite things of 2013, up to this point?

A: i like The Mall, the lit mag edited by angela shier and amelia gillis.. i recomend starting with dylan york’s pieces in issue 1, my fave, then explor the rest:

here’s a poem i liked a lot by keegan crawford:

and the band The Ghost Inside  their stuf really boosts me.. here is one of my faverite songs i posted:

thank’s so much lee for inteviewing me  a song from the space jam soundtrack just came on, in the store i am in..

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