Interview with Heath Ison

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Heath Ison is nurturing his own universe in the form of e-publishing house, Nauseated Drive. Upon learning the names of the writers attached to the project I became interested in actively finding out more.


What is your new press about/how did the idea come about?

it’s the sickness that motivates. i was driving in my car and my stomach got upset.

Are there any specific aesthetic motifs that you are going for with the roster of writers you’ve chosen to represent ND?

well i’ve chosen penny goring because she writes like penny goring. i’ve chosen amy silbergeld because she writes like amy silbergeld. i’ve chosen thom james because he writes like thom james. each one of them has a style. i assume each one of them has a origin myth but i have yet to ask them what it is. maybe i should, though. i don’t know, probably none of my business. The Man With No Face was a blank canvas—like he always is—and needed to be formed, to be animated. these writers will animate him. i also think they are serious writers. i don’t fuck with writers who aren’t serious. i myself have recently gone through a few transformation/changes to further express my seriousness towards my own writing. last month i had my tubes tied and even have converted to christianity i have also even considered giving up masturbation, which will be tough because i love jacking-off, but you gotta play to win.

Do you plan on charging for what you release via ND or will the content be freely available?

inbox spammers are the equivalent to an irrational equipped religion who will fuck  you sideways with chainsaws. i created the world for free so i don’t know why the digital content i will present on ND should also not be free. mockery. somebody messaged me wanting me to spend money on their ebook. they didn’t say that directly but they made sure they provided a link. i laughed (lol). i often beg people to puncture me violently and poetically with sharp objects or beat me to death with blunt objects. but there is no difference. my death is free. i want my death to be a digital death. digital suicide (cybercide).

What can you tell us about the first release on Nauseated drive, Penny Goring’s Ununtruisms?

to be honest i haven’t really read much of it. i hope it’s ok. pretty sure it will be. it’s free so people hopefully shouldn’t complain. i just liked the title and was like ‘okay yeah, sure i will publish you penny.’ hehehe speaking of penny, she sure is defiant.

Are you in talks with any other writers atm about publication via ND?

i am in talks with some humans, yes. i plan to shift through other alternate planes of perspective to explore… i don’t know. i don’t know anything to be honest. and i don’t know if anybody knows anything that i don’t know. THE BEAUTY OF BEING HUMAN IS NOT KNOWING. please don’t quote me on that because you shouldn’t put your faith in an apparent shitbag such as myself. i smoke cigarettes. i smoke cigarettes just because they do in classic film noirs and all those characters seem relevant to me, so, yeah. there is trash in the centre console of my car. i pollute the earth with irrigated and crystallized semen. i think of sticking my cock in electrical sockets. i hate things, but hating is necessary to love. i love myself but have to hate myself first. you asked me if i am in talks with people concerning the ‘p’ word via ND…. yes, i am in talk with some humans.

How do you plan on setting ND apart from other small presses/ebook brands/labels ( & What even is something if it only deals in Ebooks?)?

ND is like, some sort of resistance (hahaha) (hehehe).  i am currently in my own ‘reality’ so everything else will be blank to me. ND plans to grow. it will be echaps/ebooks to begin with.


The Nauseated drive site is now live.

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