horse_ebooks poetry tweeter

Something about a horse book.

bear sterns bravo a spin off of horse_ebooks and pronunciationbook

There has been some fuss going on in the internet over the last couple of months or so about the developing links between youtube account, ‘Pronunciationbook’ and twitter ‘bot’, ‘horse_ebooks’.

Yesterday the waiting finally came to an end as it was revealed that the two accounts had come to be utilised as, in a sense, kind of marketing platforms for choose your own adventure videogame, ‘Bear Sterns Bravo’. BSB is the brain child of Buzzfeed affiliated Jacob Bakkila and Thomas Bender. Through what initially were two separate entities–presumably, at some point purchased, or otherwise acquired by Bakkila/Bender–the two men gradually linked, via tenuous allusions to names, scenarios, and dates, the two accounts, generating a lot of buzz within certain circles.  All of this in the lead up to the big announcement.

As for going into detail on each and every aspect of why this is interesting to me, I’d be here for days, forget it.

I’m reasonably well informed on this and even I can’t begin to explain why or how this is any kind of big deal. What I can say is that it seems kind of fun and very DIY, so I’m all for it.

Watch these videos, then follow the link to the BSB site.

Visit Bear Sterns Bravo for more of whatever this even is and maybe even get involved.


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