kanye triangle roc

This week.

So last night this unfolded in my twitter feed and I found myself in one of those moments of vicarious experience that are so common now.

The tweets were posted by Michael Hessel-Mial, the person behind tweets such as:



First, you should probably listen to some of the album:

Secondly, you should probably be aware of Kanye West’s conflicted approach to twitter/fans/the media/ most things in general. For any more info on this, Google his name, but, really, are you really that in the dark?

So, last week the BBC radio 1 youtube channel uploaded a four part interview with Kanye West conducted by Zane Lowe, a DJ for the station. Here is the first part of the interview, the rest is easy enough to find.

It’s cool to read the tweets one by one and wait for them to come up iin the actual interview. I did that and you can too.

It’s also funny how people are on twitter, essentially acting like robotic aggregaters of information, enhancing our experience of a thing. I felt like for the first time I wasn’t alone in experiencing a thing because I was learning about it via Mikes tweets. this is all very basic sounding but that’s ok. It felt good.

Here is MIke’s livetweet/tweetcast/feed of his experience watching the videos:

Here is the spoof.


I have never met Michael, but inexplicably I feel thankful for having done so, and for his dedication to sharing his experience of things with me via twitter.

I suppose this strong feeling of closeness to a person via technology is a very new phenomena for us as a species to be dealing with. I felt an even stronger feeling, one of sadness, when I heard about recent events concerning a writer/blogger, whose work I love, having attempted suicide. I don’t know these people, and they know me even less so/not at all, however I do feel the connections between me, those people, Kanye west to some degree, and whoever else down the line, are all kind of important somehow. Not in some cheap ‘everything is connected’ new age bullshit sense, but because of the potential for relationships, via whatever medium, to develop.

To summarise this vague, sprawling, mess of a post, this week has been one of strong emotions ‘URL’, and I can’t quite figure out why. I’m thankful for it, I guess. It’s cool and everything. But I just want to iterate once that there are people in the world affected by the things we are all doing in a really good way and we should definitely stay alive and keep doing them with and without the knowledge of who and what we are influencing with our actions. (I’m literally talking about the butterfly effect, lol)


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