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SNCKPCK Interview

Daniel Alexander aka SNCKPCK seems to be one of those people whose internet presence is seamless and constant, with posts appearing on his twitter, facebook, and tumblr sites around the clock, a feat in itself worthy of respect, he is machine like in his interactivity. A few of the people I’ve spoken to about Daniel’s work however have been less keen to praise. Citing his constant self promotion, a style that to some might seem one dimensional, and a childish persona that can’t be the genuine personality of a real person existing in the same world as them or myself. No matter what you actually think of him though, something that speaks for itself is his appeal, check the map feature on his site. This guy is doing something right. He’s selling books and building a legion of fans keen to show their admiration for both Daniel and his work.

1. Hi Daniel, how are you?

hey hey I’m doing super well! its a saturday and its raining here in texas. my favorite weather!

2. Could you say a little about the book you just finished?

i just released a motivational pocket book called “STAYIN’ POSITIVE“. like my book raddddd its just a flip to any page book that you can pick up and read anytime. my favorite parts in the book are some of the drawings i did for it mainly because of how fun it was to bring out a sharpie with lots of paper and just come up with fun ideas. the feedback on it was so great! everyone who has got it is loving it so far. i go up to the post office about 2-3 times a week to send out packages and the other day i gave all the employees a free copy and they loved it!

3. Outward positivity and teaching people to value themselves both seem to play a big role in what you do. Do you feel like you are having an effect on the lives of the people who you come into contact with via what you do?

yes defiantly. i think that really caring about other people no matter who you are and what you do will always make a difference. everyday, multiple times a day i get messages and emails from people thanking me for being such a positive influence in their lives and helping them through tough times they have. its real easy to look at my “web presence” and just see that i make videos/ music/ writing / positive tweets but what i don’t really broadcast that much is that when i make something like an album it literally takes me about 4-5 days. i don’t spend that much time on it. i spend the most time responding to people. helping people. caring about others and just being there for everyone reaching out to me.

4. Would you say that the interactions you have with people/fans every day online form the crux of what you do, with the music, illustration, and print forming a body of work that is based around that? Or does the content come first for you as the basis for those relationships?

yes. i believe thats what it is to me. interacting with people has always come first for me with the music / videos / books later. its not that my content is based around something its just something else that i love to do.

5. You also make music, I occasionally see your music pop up in my spotify feed. How many mixtapes and albums do you actually have out already? Who are some of your biggest musical influences?

yes! i have 8 albums they are all on spotify. i use instruments like synths, ukuleles, guitars, tambourines, harmonicas, knives, empty dorito bags, and rubber bands to make all the sounds in my music. its a lot of fun making music. i love sitting there and making a song in the dark and then when I’m done i usually just delete it. its not really about making music for others with me. making music is something that helps me unwind and relax and i do it for me. biggest influences : dan deacon, the unicorns, lullatone, huntermadeit

6. Do you feel like there are question marks surrounding the sincerity of your concern for the well being of what seems to be people in general–do you feel there are question marks surrounding how much you can help people via the internet (URL) as opposed to ‘going out into the world’ (IRL)?

i get tons of hate everyday with things like this from people looking in on what i do and being quick to judge. i don’t like the idea of “IRL/URL” its a term thats silly to me. it doesn’t matter if its online or offline its helping people about and caring like i said above is what matters. and as i said before i don’t spend much time on my work. i spend the most time interacting with everyone and helping people. it doesn’t really matter to me what others think of me. i know that what I’m doing it helping some people out and thats all that matters.

7. A lot of people don’t go out and self publish because of the costs involved. Could you say a little bit about the production process of Stayin’ Positive, and about the costs of/how big a role money plays in what you do?

it was real hard getting started out. the costs are pretty big but if you have the money first its not a big deal at all. its just hard work getting it. i wrote raddddd and chose to crowd fund it through kickstarter. there were costs but it was basically no money out of my pocket for it. after that first project i had extra money that i spend on new instruments / equipment / sending out free things through the mail to people. i released “slime dog you are my friend” for free through the internet and if you wanted a printed copy i just sent it to your house for free. the cost of that was covered by extra money from books. it all just goes in a cycle to me. i use the money to progress my work and try and find ways to give back :+) I’m currently working on a project where all profits are going to a charity. real excited to announce that!


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