Goth Makeup

We Are Pallbearers In Borrowed Suits by Chuck Young

we graffiti the names
of dead friends on rocks
that lead out of town
we order bottles at bars
and they come with ships
in them and we are
pirates on those ships
we hear girls on subways
that have your laugh
we take the wrong shoes
from piles at doorways
of parties held by strangers
we write suicide greeting cards
and exchange them like valentines
“it felt like snow and i’m sorry”
we spend our days
dehydrating ourselves
and our nights
dehydrating ourselves
we go to bed thirsty
and we wake up thirsty
we are sometimes mistaken for parachutes
when really we are just empty bags
we want the love
but don’t want to do the loving
so we spend our nights
out back with shovels
burying the gods inside us
we are boys raised catholic
trying to be good godless men
we go onto WebMD
type in our symptoms
and it turns out we’re already dead
that we are ghosts
we read our horoscopes
“rest in pisces”
we throw parties at graves
and invite all of our ex-whatevers
we set up kissing booths
and our goth makeup ends up
making a mess of white and wet and them
we throw our credit cards
into mall fountains
and whisper prayers about letting go
and getting sleep
we wake up alone
in our respective bodies
and the weather is always a funeral



Chuck Young blogs at and is Co-Editor of The Newer York’s EEEL.

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