Kōmuhu by Stacey Teague

how much i yearn for a quiet mind

this is something like “no internet connection”

to listen to the sounds of your body, the vibrations of being alive, breathing slowly, deeper, fighting the fog that conceals you from yourself

standing in the woods i step into the light and it is cold and i feel happy, in the silence of myself, i get out my phone to tell you so

i am so calm just me and my body and my quiet breaths and my quiet thoughts

i’ve been feeling so many things, always, overwhelmed with love and loss. you agree with me when i say that love is a particular kind of sadness, we nod our heads at each other without having to say anything else

i’ve been thinking about the ocean a lot, that is also something i yearn for, one of the things i miss about home

in the car one evening we looked up at the moon and i tried to explain to a child how the earth is always moving, you forget that sometimes

i think about what i want and push everything else back with a sweeping movement of my hand and wave at it fondly, yes i loved you once and you are beautiful to me but i am far far away

now i can see everything in my life like the way you can press a button to see all of the things you have open on your macbook

even though some things are hopeless i can’t help but laugh and put my hands over my face, i am always so tired

i don’t feel worried because outside stars fill up the sky and in the bathroom i lift my head up towards the window where moon light covers my face and shoulders and i feel good like that

everything is v beautiful and v funny and v sad

you say to me that there is a hurricane in our part of the world too

if you stand still long enough you can see it



Staycey Teague is a New Zealand born poet living in the UK.

More of Stacey’s work can be found at her blog.

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