3 poems by David Tarique Huntley

1. Drinking on the Grass

After drinking the last of
The bottle that was
cracked and bruised from
Flowers that had
Overgrown its vintage,
I fell back and lay on the ripe
Dreaming of the time
Her summer legs were
Wrapped around me.

2. Her Capsized Heart

She sleeps beneath her
Capsized heart,
Regret tangled in her hair
And fear clinging to her soul,
Lying on the broken
That is

3. Ash

I watched from across
The street as the smoke
Rose from the tip of
Her cigarette to the tip
Of the falling clouds,
As the mist crumbled into
The ground I saw her walk
Away until only the
Ash remained.


David Tarique Huntley is twenty four years old and studied English and Creative Writing at the University of Sunderland (UK), graduating in 2011.

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